Preparing for the slopes 

As a beginner or very low intermediate skier try to seek a few hours lessons on your local dry ski slope or snow dome as this will save you time and progress your level a lot faster when on real snow.

Remember Skiing is a sport and you will use muscles you did not know you had. Try to gain a reasonable amount of fitness before. This will help with the ability to learn more and be able to participate in the après ski.

Buying skis 

If only skiing or Snowboarding for 1 or 2 weeks a year do not buy skis or Snowboards as the technology is rapidly changing every year and for the price you can rent these days it is not worth it remembering also you will always be charged to take them on a plane.

After your second to third time skiing think seriously of buying your own boots. The boots are the most important thing and a good boot can progress your skiing rapidly.

If you own your own skis, service them every week of skiing. This will help with the gliding and the ability to dig in on ice when needed.

Buying Boots 

Always buy your boots in resort. The boots you can buy at home may be similar in price and they feel great when you have them on for 30 mins., but It is a different story when in resort and skiing all day.

Nearly all good boot shops in Austria have a scanning machine for your feet and then software to suggest the best boot for your feet. If boots require adjustment the ski shop will normally do all work for free as long as you have that boot and deal with the same shop.

Remember boots are not slippers (No pain no gain). They should not be unbearable but you should feel secure and fitted tight and with the feeling of wearing them.

What to bring

Always bring good quality goggles and sunglasses (You get what you pay for)

Always pack adequate clothing as in March, 1 day may feel like 80 degrees and another -20

Basic ski clothing should consist of thermals, jumper, fleece optional, ski trousers, ski jacket, hat and gloves.

Always apply a high factor sun cream (sun or no sun)

A small snug fitting back pack is always a good idea to put excess clothing water and goggles inside.

A common trend in Austria now is to wear a helmet for skiing. Would you ride a motor bike without a helmet? It is proven they save lives and is also great when it’s cold for keeping the head warm. A lot of people feel more confident as well. For children I would highly recommend them to wear one.

We recommend to leave your skis and boots in a locker on the nursery slope .

Always have travel insurance never chance it !