Providing the best for our guests

As part of the Bergviewhaus experience, we take it on ourselves to organize your ski and snowboard equipment for when you arrive in  resort. With our guidance, we will make sure you have the right setup ready to tackle the slopes. We will also have your ski pass in hand, saving you the time of having to queue at the lift station on your first morning.

Our Providers

At Bergviewhaus we only deal with the best local providers of equipment the resort can offer. With years of knowledge and a friendly, relaxed service, they will give you accurate advice, and supply you with the best selection of ski and snowboard equipment, from the best brands around and the most innovative new products available.

Our experience

Having My Tyrolean ski-Instructing qualifications, and thought many to skiers over the years, I have advised and helped many skiers in the past. Knowing skiers and snowboarders demands, this service will be gladly passed on to all who stay at Bergviewhaus.

Tuning up your rusted ski equipment

For all those skiers and boarders staying at our apartments, we have an overnight full ski and snowboard service available.